The Autocar Company is a Hagerstown, Indiana specialist manufacturer of cabover vocational trucks, mainly for refuse applications. Started in 1899 in Ardmore, Pennsylvania as a manufacturer of Brass Era automobiles, and from 1907, trucks. The last cars were produced in 1912, but the company continued as a truck maker until 1953 when they were taken over by the White Motor Company. White was taken over in turn by Volvo Trucks in 1980 with Autocar continuing as a division. In 2001, it was sold to Grand Vehicle Works Holdings, which continues to use the brand name for their line of trucks.

Autocar Logo

The Autocar Logo


Autocar makes Trucks

Model Name Type Production Number Built Image
Autocar A-64/Autocar AT--64 Medium Duty Truck/Heavy Duty Truck ? ?

Autocar A64

Autocar AT64

Autocar A-75 Heavy Duty Truck ? ? Autocar A75
Autocar ACX Cabover Medium Duty Truck ? ? Autocar ACX
Autocar AU Unknown ? ?
Autocar DC Heavy Duty Truck ? ? Autocar DC
Autocar KK Unknown ? ?
Autocar CK Half-Cab Medium Duty Truck ? ? Autocar CK
Autocar RL Cabover Medium Duty Truck ? ? Autocar RL
Autocar RM Unknown ? ?
Autocar U Military Truck ? ? Autocar U
Autocar E Heavy Duty Truck ? ? Autocar E
Autocar WX Cabover Medium Duty Truck ? ?

Autocar WX

Autocar WXLL Cabover Medium Duty Truck ? ? Autocar WXLL
Autocar WX64 Medium Duty Truck ? ?

Autocar WX64

Autocar XSpotter Half-Cab Heavy Duty Truck ? ? Autocar XSpotter