Blue Bird Corporation, originally known as Blue Bird Body Company, is a manufacturer of school and activity buses. Established in 1932, the company has also manufactured transit buses, motorhomes, and specialty vehicles such as mobile libraries and mobile police command centers. Blue Bird's corporate headquarters and main manufacturing facility are in Fort Valley, Georgia. It is a subsidiary of the Traxis Group, part of Cerberus Capital Management.

Blue Bird Logo

Blue Bird Logo


Blue Bird makes transit buses and school buses

STA James Untied States its Company.

Model Name Type Production Number Built Image
Blue Bird Micro Bird/Micro Bird By Girardin School Bus 1975-Present ? Micro Bird
Blue Bird MB-II/Blue Bird MB-IV School Bus 1992-1998 ? Blue Bird Girardin
Blue Bird Mini Bird School Bus 1977-2005 ? Minibird
Blue Bird Conventional/Blue Bird CV200/Blue Bird SBCV School Bus 1962-2008 ? Conventional
Blue Bird TC/1000

School Bus

1997-2001 ? 1000
Blue Bird TC/2000 School Bus 1988-2003 ? TC2000
Blue Bird All American School Bus 1948-present ? Blue Bird All American
Blue Bird Ultra LF/Blue Bird Ultra LMB/Blue Bird Xcel 102 Transit Bus ? ?
Blue Bird CS Transit Bus ? ? Blue Bird CS
Blue Bird Vision School Bus 2003-present ? Vision
Blue Bird Q-Bus Transit Bus ? ?


The Blue Bird company has only produced 1 motorhome

Model Name Type Production Number Built Image
Blue Bird Wanderlodge Motorhome ? ? Blue Bird RV