Carpenter Body Company, also known over the years as the Ralph H. Carpenter Body Company, Carpenter Body Works, Inc., Carpenter Manufacturing Company, Carpenter Industries, Inc., and Crown By Carpenter, was a bus body manufacturer based in Mitchell, Indiana, United States. The majority of Carpenter bodies were used for school buses.

Founded in 1919, Carpenter produced its first bus in 1923. Carpenter's post-World War II success would lead it to become one of the "Big Six" major manufacturers of school buses in North America. After years of declining market share, Carpenter was closed in 2001 by its parent company, Spartan Motors.

Carpenter Logo

Carpenter Logo


Model Name Type Production Number Built Image
Carpenter Classmate School Bus 1980's-early 1990's ? 100px
Carpenter Cadet School Bus 1969-1999 ? Carpenter Cadet
Carpenter Classic School Bus 1977-2001 ? 100px
Carpenter Corsair School Bus 1983-1991 ? 100px
Carpenter Cavalier School Bus 1983-1988 ? 100px
Carpenter Coach School Bus 1992-1993 ?
Carpenter Counselor Crown FE/Carpenter Counselor Crown RE School Bus 1989-1999 ?
Carpenter Chancellor FE School Bus 2000-2001 ? 100px