The International 3900 was a front-engine Type D bus chassis manufactured by Navistar International, used for school bus applications. It was the replacement for the 1853-FC chassis, based on the International S-Series "Schoolmaster" introduced in the late 1970s. Introduced in 1990, the 3900 was produced until 2010.

International 3900
International 3900
A IC CE using the International 3900 Chasis


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Early in its production life, the 3900 was widely used in the school bus industry by body manufacturers as a replacement for the General Motors S7 and the Asia Smith chassis. In 1993, both Carpenter and Wayne Wheeled Vehicles both switched chassis suppliers, leaving AmTran and Canadian manufacturer Corbeil as the sole users of the 3900; Corbeil switched to a rear-engine design before abandoning production of Type D buses for good in 2000. Corbeil's transit-style buses (nor any of their other full-size offerings) were never sold in the United States.

The final bus model that used the 3900 chassis was the FE300 from IC Bus, which was an evolution of the Ward Senator from 1990. In 2010, IC discontinued production of the FE with no replacement currently announced. They continue to offer Type B, Type C, and rear-engined Type D buses.

Buses produced on the 3900 include:

Manufacturer Model Name Production Years Notes





The AmTran Genesis and AmTran FE are evolutions of the Ward Senator
Carpenter Counselor FE 1991-1992 In 1993, Carpenter switched to a chassis from Spartan Motors
Les Michel Enterprises Corbeil Inc. EMC 1st Premier 1991-1999 The 1st Premier was never sold outside of Canada.
IC Bus IC FE300 2001-2010 IC Bus was the final user of the 3900 in school bus form.
Ward School Manufacturing Inc. Senator 1990-1992 The Ward Senator was the first bus to use the 3900 chassis.
Wayne Corporation Lifestar 1991-1992 In 1993, Wayne Wheeled Vehicles restarted production of the Lifestar with a chassis from Crane Carrier Corporation


IC FE early

A Pre-2005 IC FE


A 2005-2010 IC FE

Carpenter Counsellor early

A 1991-1992 Carpenter Counselor

Wayne Lifestar early

A 1991-1992 Wayne Lifestar

Corbeil FE

A 1991-1999 Corbeil EMC 1st Premier This is the only variant of the International 3900 to not be sold in the United States

Ward Senator

A 1990-1992 Ward Senator Ward was the First bus manufacturer to use the International 3900 bus chassis

AmTran Genesis

A 1992-1997 AmTran Genesis

AmTran FE

A 1998-2002 AmTran FE